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Verdict Motorsports Competition Engines.

We strongly believe that when it comes to building an engine, there is no such things as an off the shelf or generic one size fits all setup. There are a lot of factors that come into play before the work even begins.

We cater to a wide variety of enthusiasts and specialize in creating a custom tailored drive train for your particular application. No matter how big or small we can help you decide on what exactly your project is calling for and then build it for you.

Transmission Rebuilds and Differential Installs.

Unfortunately every transmission has a limit and if you drive a modified Volkswagen even the desire for a limited slip differential is present. Now we can't reason with Volkswagen about the matter, however we can offer full on rebuilds, differential installs, cyro treating, gear swaps and six speed conversions.

Engineering, CNC production and Fabrication.

Verdict Motorsports is excited to offer its Engineering, CNC and Fabrication capabilities for enthusiast in all corners of the world. Its something we're proud of, and look forward to creating new parts for years to come. Also we proudly present you the service where you can buy all kinds of repairable vehicles.

Powder, Ceramic, Anodizing and Black Oxide Coatings.

Verdict Motorsports believes and only uses the finest procedures to protect our products for a lifetime of driving. The following coatings and finishes are either standard, optional or available upon request on our product line of aluminum, steel and stainless steel components.

~ Powder Coating is a great way to improve a products appearance while giving it a rugged finish and can resist consistant temperatures up to 325°F.

~ Ceramic Coating is another form of powder, but can withstand temperatures in excess of 1400ºF. Ceramic is ideal for exhaust manifolds, turbochargers, downpipes, etc.

~ Anodizing is only applicable to aluminum, but is one of the strongest anti-corrosion coatings available and depending on the specific type of anodizing can actually increase the fixtures strength.

~ Black Oxide is generally used for Steel and Stainless and is used primarily to prevent corrosion while changing the color of the material.

Supercharger Rebuilds, Repairs and Modifications.

Verdict Motorsports specializes in the service of Vortech centrifugal superchargers.

If your supercharger is in need of a rebuild, re-seal or maybe just a health check we can help!

We offer competitive rates on getting your blower in shape and back on the road...