Welcome to Verdict Motorsports 

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Verdict Motorsports was founded by two friends nearly a decade ago who were fed up with the companies supporting Volkswagen and Audi enthusiasts. We saw a niche in a market where quality, support, and honest to goodness engineering was unheard of. Since then we have built a name for ourselves building products many thought impossible. Over the years we have stuck to our beliefs and continue to raise the bar for higher quality products and service every day.

Verdict Motorsports is a company with its own ideas and is based around the philosophy that if an existing product meets our demands then we won’t saturate the market with another. To us nothing is more annoying than a company that lacks creative knowledge and goes around trying to reinvent the wheel. We will continue to do what we do best by engineering, manufacturing, and providing the highest quality components that you, our customer, have come to expect from us.

We take pride in being different then the next company and will continue providing viable solutions for Motorsport Driven enthusiasts today and tomorrow...

- Your friends @ Verdict Motorsports

Shift Bracket Bushings

Corrado Cable Horns

1.8T Injector Cups

FrankenTurbo F21